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Department Grants and Fellowships
Will Steacy, Tierney Fellow 2008-09Mary Button, Rosenberg Fellow 2007-08Photo by 2013 Tierney Fellow Elizabeth Moran

Thanks to the ongoing generosity of friends of Photography & Imaging, the department is able to offer the following grants and awards to current students in recognition of outstanding work and promising new ideas.

Images at right by Will Steacy, Tierney Fellow 2008; Mary Button, Rosenberg Fellowship Recipient 2007; and Elizabeth Moran, Tierney Fellow 2013

Thomas Drysdale Production Fund
Established in 2007 by alumni and friends, led by Tony Jaffe, Tisch,’86, the Tom Drysdale Production Fund is a permanent endowment to provide selected Photography and Imaging majors with completion assistance for creative, documentary or research projects.  More
Tobias Awards
The Seth Tobias Awards are an endowment established in the department in memory of Mr. Seth Tobias, a major figure in the advertising field. All Tisch Photography & Imaging majors are invited to submit work for these three annual awards of $250 each.  More