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Photography and Imaging Admissions

Senior Elena Getto prepares final edit for BFA Exhibition during her Senior Directed Projects studio.Students in the Department of Photography & Imaging (DPI) are passionate and committed to the study and production of images, are curious about the world, and have a desire to push personal and social boundaries. 

To apply to the Department of Photography & Imaging, applicants must complete both the New York University common application and a creative portfolio.
NYU COMMON APPLICATION: All applicants must complete New York University's Application for Undergraduate Admission and provide the required academic documentation and supporting credentials. The application may be obtained from the NYU Undergraduate Admissions web site.

Deadlines for portfolio submission are scheduled according to the NYU undergraduate application deadlines:
November 1st for Early Decision Applicants
January 1st for Early Decision II Applicants

January 1st for Regular Decision Applicants

March 1st for Internal Transfer Applicants

April 1st for Non-NYU Transfer Applicants. 

Creative materials will only be accepted through

Portfolio Requirements for Fall 2014 Applicants.

I) PORTFOLIO:  Submit a total of 15 images
(4-5 images must respond to the assignment – see instructions below)

Up to five images can be non photo-based. We encourage submission of sound, video art, and other new media based work. We are a department committed to the contemporary directions of photography, yet anchored in the mediums rich history. We are excited about quality work where content and craft are developed. We look for diversity in student thinking, experience, and media presentation.

Assignment: Choose one of the themes below and include 4-5 images to address the concept. Indicate these images in the captions of your submission and explain the images in your Statement.

1. Make a series of photographs that show how different light/time re-contextualizes the same scene.

2. Make a work of art (any medium) that illustrates the Parallel Universe Theory.

3. Create a photograph(s) that proves a “truth” and create a photograph(s) that proves an “untruth.”

II) SHORT ESSAYS: Four responses, 100 words or less per question, to the following:

1. Introduce yourself.
    You may write something or include the link to a video of 30 seconds or less.

2. Statement
Write a brief statement about your submitted work. Discuss the primary issue that you want to discuss in your images and include what drives you to make your work. Please also explain your response to the assignment.

3. Describe a photograph or photographer that you consistently return to view and explain how this photograph or image engages you.

4. In your opinion, what does it mean to make photo/image-based art in the 21st Century?


List the photography, digital imaging, art and art history courses, if any, that you have taken at your high school and/or college.

Briefly list your photography and imaging skills.

Do you have any other experience relating to your image-making work that you'd like to share?

If you have a website or blog you would like to share, please include the URL.

Your portfolio must be submitted through  A account is free; however, the submission fee is $10.  Our online portal offers additional instruction for submitting work. For technical assistance, please contact