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Faculty Directory

Photography & Imaging

Jennifer Bajorek
Adjunct Instructor

Phone: 212 998 1930

Office: 721 Broadway, 8th Floor


Jennifer Bajorek writes and does research on diverse topics in literature and philosophy and in the history and theory of photography. Her publications include Counterfeit Capital (Stanford, 2009); an edition and translation of the literary and political theory of Jean Paulhan (Illinois, 2008); translations of philosophical texts by Sarah Kofman, Bernard Stiegler, and Jacques Derrida; and essays in Critical Inquiry, Diacritics, the Autograph ABP newspaper, and History of Photography. Most recently, she was co-editor of a special section of Theory, Culture & Society on Photography and the State, and lead curator of Contemporary Africa on Screen at the South London Gallery She is currently finishing a book on photography and political imagination in Senegal and BĂ©nin and working on a series of ongoing practical projects, with Erin Haney, focused on arts and media platforms in Africa. She has taught at UC Berkeley and Goldsmiths, University of London, and has been a research fellow at Cornell, Rutgers, and Oxford universities.